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Analog mixed-signal IC design firm SDIC has found that proven quality, low risk, broad ecosystem, and excellent technical support make CAST’s 8051 IP cores s a cost-effective solution for many system functions
半导体知识产权供应商CAST今天宣布立即推出一个TCP/IP堆栈内核,它可以将系统连接到互联网,并使用TCP协议管理通信,同时不需要系统处理器的协助。        新的TCPIP-1G/10G硬件堆栈IP核实现了TCP/IP协议的硬件堆栈,以10/100/1000Mbps、2.5G和10G的速度通过以太网传输或接收数据。新的CAST核心超越了许多TCP/IP "卸载引擎":
The 1G/10G TCP/IP Hardware Stack IP core from CAST is complete, autonomous, efficient, configurable, and portable to ASICs and FPGAs. It handles from one to 32,768 TCP sessions; has an optional built-in DHCP client and UDP stack; and handles data packets in ultra-low latency cut-through or data protection store-and-forward mode.
Fraunhofer IPMS and CAST have worked together for 20 years to develop and deliver some of the best IP cores available anywhere, especially for automotive applications. One of their products, the EMSA5-FS Functional Safety RISC-V Embedded Processor, won Elektronik magazine's 2022 Automotive Product of the Year award.
Socionext通过设计、开发和提供系统芯片解决方案为全球客户提供服务,以满足消费者、工业和汽车市场的不同需求。对于后者,他们一直在与主要汽车原始设备制造商和一级供应商合作,开发支持高级驾驶员辅助系统(ADAS)和自动驾驶(AD)功能的SOC。 Socionext于2016年开始使用CAST IP核产品。其2020年采购了包括用于多个汽车SOC的JPEG和CAN FD IP核。Socionext高级副总裁兼汽车业务部门主管Masaitsu Nakajima表示: “支持12位编码/解码的复杂JPEG IP适合我们高分辨率图像处理引擎的开发。我们选择CAST的CAN FD是因为其风险最小,并且得到了大量客户的验证。”
New 100Gbps UDP/IP core: lean networking protocol stack gets 512-bit datapath to increase communication speed, offloads UDP/IP functions from processor to improve system performance.
Recent Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards enable the timed and prioritized transmission of real-time critical messages over standard Ethernet hardware. The TSN IP Core helps equipment manufacturers and operators make their devices fit for new TSN standards.
Semiconductor design and verification intellectual property providers CAST, Inc. and Avery Design Systems have partnered to deliver a robust, pre-configured, pre-verified, easy-to-use solution bundle for system developers needing a CAN FD bus controller for automotive and industrial applications.
Semiconductor intellectual property provider CAST, Inc. marked its sixteenth year providing 8051-compatible IP cores by announcing its 200th 8051 license. Customer Ensphere Solutions has a reputation for advanced optical and copper communications chips and will use the 8051 microcontroller in an upcoming high-performance computing (HPC) interconnect IC.