Other Peripherals

Smart-Card, DMA, Timers, & GPIO

A set of typical microcontroller peripherals complementing CAST's serial interfaces, memory controllers, bus fabric IP cores, and pre-integrated subsystems. Cores in this family include:

  • SCR — A versatile Smart Card Reader Controller compatible with the latest EMV specifications 
  • DMA-CTRL — A low-power, highly configurable DMA controller that transfers data over AHB, AXI, or Wishbone busses.  
  • AXI4-SGDMA — An AXI4 Memory-Mapped to/from AXI4-Stream Scatter-Gather DMA 
  • RTC-APB — A Real-Time Clock with an accuracy of 1/10 of a second 
  • TIMER-APB — A generic Timer/Counter
  • WDT-APB — A Watchdog Timer 
  • GPIO — General-Purpose IO Controller 
  • PWM — Pulse Wdith Modulator

Each of these has been production-proven or rigorously verified, and comes with complete deliverables to simplify integration with your system.


Products in Family


Smart Card Reader Controller
AHB/AXI/Wishbone DMA Controller
AXI4 to/from AXI4-Stream Scatter-Gather DMA
Real-Time Clock with APB Interface
Watchdog Timer with APB Interface


Pulse Width Modulator
General-Purpose I/O Controller with APB Interface

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