Talos Evaluation Kit for BA2X Processor IP Cores

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Features List

Complete Evaluation Kits

  • A DE0-Nano Terasic board pre-configured with the BA2x Embedded Processor IP of your choice
  • A Beyond Debug Key 
    • Supports JTAG and proprietary single-wire or dual-wire debug interfaces.  
  • Eclipse-based Beyond Studio IDE
    • GNU C/C++ Toolset
    • Ported Libraries 
    • Example FreeRTOS application 
  • Complete IP core and Evaluation Kit documentation


  • Talos-BA2 Evaluation Kits are available for the following BA2x IP cores:
    • BA20 PipelineZero™ 32-bit Embedded Processor, an ultra-low-power processor using zero pipeline stages for instruction execution to provide maximum energy and performance efficiency.
    • BA21 32-bit Low-Power Deeply Embedded Processor, a dual-pipeline low-power processor that delivers better performance than most processors its size.
    • BA22-DE 32-bit Deeply Embedded Processor, a flexibleand efficient processor with 4- or 5 pipeline stages that delivers the processing power required for demanding deeply embedded applications.
  • Off-the-shelf configurations of the BA20, BA21, and BA22-DE cores use:
    • 64kB of unified QMEM memory
    • Hardware multiplier
    • Hardware divider
    • Floating Point Unit (BA22 only)
    • Programmable Interrupt Controller
    • Tick timer
    • AHB or AXI interconnect with a bridge to APB, and the following peripherals: UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C and Watchdog Timer

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