RISC-V Processors

Low-Power and Functional-Safe RISC-V Processor IP Cores

CAST's evolving  RISC-V processor cores family currently consists of:

  • EMSA5-FS: A 32-bit, embedded processor core designed for functional safety, and
  • BA51: An ultra-low-power and highly-efficient 32-bit embedded processor core
  • BA53: A low-power, and fast 32-bit embedded processor core

More RISC-V cores will be added over time. Please give us a call or email to learn more about our RISC-V roadmap.

Products in Family

32-bit Embedded RISC-V Functional Safety Processor

Ultra-Low-Power Deeply Embedded RISC-V Processor

Low-Power Deeply Embedded RISC-V Processor

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