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CAST develops, aggregates, and integrates silicon intellectual property (IP) for electronic system designers, since 1993.

Here, you will find a complete list of our product line, and you can download an intro brochure PDF.


32-bit Basic Application Processor
PipelineZero 32-bit Embedded Processor
32-bit Low-Power Deeply Embedded Processor
32-bit Cache-Enabled Embedded Processor
32-bit Deeply Embedded Processor
32-bit Application Processor
Talos Evaluation Kit for BA2X Processor IP Cores
Ultra-Low-Power Deeply Embedded RISC-V Processor
Low-Power Deeply Embedded RISC-V Processor
Functional Safety Embedded RISC-V Processor
Legacy-Configurable 8051-Compatible Microcontroller IP
High-Performance, Configurable, 8-bit Microcontroller
Super-Fast 8051 Microcontroller with Configurable Features & Peripherals
Ultra-Small 8051-Compatible Microcontroller


Low-Latency AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Decoder
Ultra-Fast AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Encoder
Low-Power AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Encoder
AVC/H.264 Video Encoder with Compressed Frame Store
Low-Power AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Decoder
Hardware RTP Stack for H.264 Stream Encapsulation
H.264 Video Over IP – HD Decoder Subsystem
H.264 Video Over IP – HD Encoder Subsystem
Hardware RTP Stack for H.264 Stream Decapsulation
Ultra-Fast Baseline and Extended JPEG Decoder
Ultra-Fast Baseline and Extended JPEG Encoder
Hardware RTP Stack for JPEG Stream Encapsulation
Motion JPEG Over IP – HD Video Encoder Subsystem
Lossless & Near-Lossless JPEG-LS Decoder
Lossless & Near-Lossless JPEG-LS Encoder
PNG Lossless Compression Decoder
PNG Lossless Compression Encoder
QOI Lossless Image Compression Decoder
QOI Lossless Image Compression Encoder
GUNZIP/ZLIB/Inflate Data Decompression


CAN 2.0, CAN FD, and CAN XL Bus Controller
CANsec Acceleration Engine
SENT/SAE J2716 Controller
LIN Bus Master/Slave Controller
TSN Ethernet Endpoint Controller
TSN Ethernet Switched Endpoint Controller
Multiport TSN Ethernet Switch
Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller
Low-Latency 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC
MACsec Protocol Engine for 10/100/1000 Ethernet
MPEG Transport Stream Multiplexing & Encapsulation Engine
UDP/IP Hardware Protocol Stack
MIPI I3C Basic Secondary Controller
MIPI I3C Basic Target


32-bit/33MHz PCI Host Bridge
32-bit/33MHz PCI Master/Target
32-bit/33MHz Multi-Function PCI Master/Target
32-bit/33MHz Multi-Function PCI Target


AXI4 to/from AXI4-Stream Scatter-Gather DMA
AHB/AXI/Wishbone DMA Controller
General-Purpose I/O Controller with APB Interface
I2S/TDM Multichannel Audio Transceiver
AHB/AXI4-Lite to AXI4-Stream Bridge


Pulse Width Modulator
Real-Time Clock with APB Interface


Smart Card Reader Controller
Watchdog Timer with APB Interface
Error Correcting Code for SRAMs
xSPI, HyperBus™, and Xccela™ Serial Memory Controller
UART with Synchronous CPU Interface
UART with FIFOs and Synchronous CPU Interface
UART with FIFOs, IrDA and Synchronous CPU Interface
HDLC & SDLC Protocol Controller
I2C Master/Slave Controller
Octal SPI Master/Slave Controller



Advanced Encryption Standard Engine
AES-CCM Authenticated Encrypt/Decrypt Engine
AES-GCM Authenticated Encrypt/Decrypt Engine
Programmable Advanced Encryption Standard Engine
AES-XTS Storage Encrypt/Decrypt Engine
ASCON Authenticated Encryption & Hashing Engine
AES Key Expander


Message Digest Algorithm Processor
256-bit SHA Secure Hash Crypto Engine
SHA-3 Secure Hash Crypto Engine
SHA-384 and SHA-512 Secure Hash Crypto Engine
Secure Execution Processor
SoC Security Platform / Hardware Root of Trust

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