Lossless Image Compression

Encoders and Decoders for the lossless compression of images & video

For lossy image compression, see the JPEG and Motion JPEG family.

These encoders and decoders give you a wide range of trade-offs for function, performance, and area, all with lossless compression. Choose from:

  • JPEG-LS Encoder and Decoder, for high compression efficiency,
  • QOI — Quite Okay Image format — Encoder and Decoder, for small silicon footprint, and
  • PNG Decoder and Encoder (soon), balancing between silicon area and compression efficiency
Products in Family
Lossless & Near-Lossless JPEG-LS Encoder
Lossless & Near-Lossless JPEG-LS Decoder
QOI Lossless Image Compression Core
QOI Lossless Image Decompression Core
PNG Lossless Image Decompression Core

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