Memory Controllers

Flash, Cache, & SRAM

A set of controller IP cores for different types of memories, including :

  • xSPI-MC  — A universal serial memory controller supporting NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and PSRAM Memories. Compatible to xSPI, Hyperbus, Xccela and most vendor-specific SPI protocols.  Allows a system to easily detect and access an attached flash device, or directly boot from it. 
  • CACHE-CTRL — A flexible cache memory controller providing a 32-bit slave AHB-lite processor interface and a 32-bit master AHB-lite interface to the memory subsystem.
  • SRAM-CTRL —  An SRAM Controller translating AHB, or AXI4, or APB bus reads and writes into reads and writes with the signaling and timing of a standard 32-bit synchronous SRAM. 
  • ECC-SRAM —  A core that adds Single-Error Correction / Dual Error Detection (SECDEC) to any SRAM, without altering its access latency 

Each of these has been production-proven or rigorously verified, and comes with complete deliverables to simplify integration with your system.


Products in Family

xSPI, HyperBus™, and Xccela™ Serial Memory Controller

Error Correcting Code for SRAMs

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