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Security solutions at the Processor and SoC Levels

Security from hacking or data loss is a concern today for systems of every scale and application area. CAST three approaches to IP that helps implement your security measures:

  • the GEON Secure Processor builds secure code execution into a 32-bit processor suitable for embedded systems and Internet of Things devices,
  • the GEON-SoC Security Platform offers an efficient, hardware root of trust solution that works with your choice of processor, and
  • The GEON Secure Boot is an area-efficient, processor-agnostic hardware engine that protects SoC designs from booting with malicious or otherwise insecure code.
  • the Encryption Primitives Family provides hardware crypto engines for SHA, AES, and other algorithms.

The GEON Secure Processor builds secure code execution into a 32-bit processor suitable for embedded systems and Internet of Things devices. It uses two or more cryptographically separated execution contexts for a high degree of security during code execution and for data storage and transfer to and from the processor. Unlike approaches employing a special secure or trusted mode of processor operation, Geon completely and securely separates each execution context 100% of the time. 

From the GEON introduction press release: “The Geon processor offers a different approach to system security that is both elegant in its design and unrelenting in its protection of sensitive data and code,” said Nikos Zervas, chief operating officer of CAST. “Built-in security, excellent performance, small silicon area, and low-power operation make Geon extremely suitable for IoT nodes and similar devices, while Geon’s royalty-free licensing is an extra bonus for these low-cost products.”

Like the BA2X Processor Family, the GEON Secure Processor's architecture and BA2 ISA support provides extreme code density, very low power consumption, and small silicon area. Read more on the product page

The GEON-SoC Security Platform is a comprehensive IP package that helps design teams build System on Chip (SoC) designs that are secure from threats of all sorts. Its suite of essential security modules work together to provide a highly-efficient SoC protection solution. These include:

  • GEON Secure Boot provides a hardware root of trust and ensures that only authentic, vendor-issued software is allowed to run on a device.
  • GEON Firmware Encryption protects the confidentiality and integrity of firmware or of software and related data.
  • GEON Secure Debug provides public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication of a debug user and the device, enabling secure JTAG access and secure post-production failure mode analysis (FMA), which is especially important in automotive applications.
  • GEON HSM implements a hardware security module on a chip, enabling cryptographic operations while protecting (not exposing) secret key material. 

Learn more in this presentation, and visit the product page for details on how GEON-SOC can simplify and accelerate your system security design efforts. 

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