Pre-Integrated AMBA bus-fabric & peripherals subsystems

The IP Subsystems available from CAST provide the quickest path from your creative product idea to a competitive working system.

These register transfer level (RTL) Subsystems are designed with the total system in mind. They combine:

  • an AMBA® bus infrastructure ,
  • typical peripheral, interface, and memory controller IP cores, and
  • all essential drivers and software.

Each is in a verification environment that emulates the software and hardware together, at the system level.

Drop in your choice of processor core and memory devices, develop your application software, test the working system, and you're ready to produce an FPGA or ASIC with little risk in a remarkably short time.


The Subsystems are designed for easy customization, whether before delivery with additional AHB, AXI or APB cores or instances before or after delivery in your own system design. 

The engineers who developed the Subsystem can provide integration and verification services to help you further reduce your time to market. Extremely experienced with both system hardware and custom software development, they are ready to work with you at any stage of the design process from architecture to implementation to system level verification to production readiness. Contact CAST Sales to learn more.

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