CAST Offers H.264 High-Profile Encoder IP Core for FPGAs and ASICs

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — November 27, 2012


This product is no longer available to license from CAST. Please contact CAST Sales for more info

An H.264 High Profile video encoder IP core is now available from semiconductor intellectual property provider CAST, Inc.

Intended for demanding high-definition applications like HD broadcast, professional video cameras, and video storage, the new High Profile H.264/AVC Video Encoder Core offers exceptional video quality, competitive performance, and easy system integration. An intra-only version features extremely low latency for real-time applications, and is suitable for AVC-Intra 50 and 100 implementations.

The hardware video encoder accepts standard incoming video (4:2:2 and 4:2:0 with up to 12 bits per color), and outputs a constant or variable bit rate H.264 compressed stream at up to 240 MBits/sec. Its efficient design requires as few as 2.5 clock cycles per pixel and provides high throughput at lower clock frequencies, enabling Full-HD video compression in low-end FPGA devices and over [email protected] input rates in ASICs.

The encoder’s advanced bit rate control rapidly adapts to content variations, providing excellent quality for even challenging video. Its generated H.264 stream respects a decoder’s Coded-Picture Buffer (HRD-CPBB compliance), ensuring uninterrupted video decoding and achieving a level of live streaming quality rarely met with other hardware encoders.

“We believe this new H.264 encoder core offers the best available combination of capability, performance, and easy integration while producing great video quality that beats or matches anything out there,” said Nikos Zervas, vice president of marketing for CAST. “It builds on years of compression technology experience, cleverly combining carefully-engineered powerhouse technical features with a sensitivity to practical integration matters like memory interfaces and CPU-free operation that really help customers succeed with their system design.”

The ISO/IEC 14496-10 and ITU-T H.264 High Profile specification compliant H264-HP-E is sourced from technology partner Alma Technologies, and is available now from CAST worldwide.

It joins the proven line of reusable IP products available from CAST, which features 32-bit processors and 8-bit microcontrollers; advanced image/video compression and processing cores; and memory controllers, high-speed buses, peripherals, and other essential system functions. See the full line at, or learn more by calling +1 201.391.8300 or emailing [email protected].