CAST Becomes Member of ESD Alliance

REDWOOD CITY, CA — April 18, 2017
Will Lend its IP Expertise to SIP Working Group to Help Chart Direction

The Electronic System Design Alliance (ESD Alliance), an international association of companies providing goods and services throughout the semiconductor design ecosystem, today announced Semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) provider CAST, Inc. has become a member.

CAST is a member of the ESDA

CAST, with its range of production-proven SIP cores that include controllers and processors, compression, peripherals, interconnect and security, and encryption, views the ESD Alliance’s SIP Working Group as a valuable benefit. It joined the Alliance to become part of the group working on a common methodology and best practices for fingerprinting, and an end-to-end solution for tracking and auditing soft and hard IP. Additionally, CAST noted the networking opportunities afforded member companies as a reason for joining.

“The IP market segment surpassed the historically larger CAE segment of Electronic Design Automation and needs focused, committed attention to a variety of business and technical requirements,” remarks Nikos Zervas, chief executive officer of CAST. “The Alliance’s SIP Working Group offers a forum for companies like CAST to identify new growth areas and advance the most effective means to deliver our technology.”

Adds Bob Smith, the ESD Alliance’s executive director: “With its 23 years of SIP experience, CAST is helping drive the growth of the semiconductor design ecosystem with its broad range of IP. We’re delighted to include CAST among our member roster and look to its experts for helping chart the direction of the SIP Working Group.”

About CAST

CAST develops, sells and supports semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for electronic system designers. Engineers use its pre-designed and pre-verified IP Cores and Platform IP products to save development time and add functionality beyond their areas of expertise.

IP from CAST enables the design reuse methodology as a means for handling rising design complexity and decreasing time to market. For details, visit:

About the Electronic System Design Alliance

The Electronic System Design (ESD) Alliance, an international association of companies providing goods and services throughout the semiconductor design ecosystem, is a forum to address technical, marketing, economic and legislative issues affecting the entire industry. It acts as the central voice to communicate and promote the value of the semiconductor design industry as a vital component of the global electronics industry. For more information about the ESD Alliance, visit


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