IP COREspondence October 2020

CAST COREspondence – CAN XL, DO-254 HDLC, TSN, H.264, & UDP/IP
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CAST COREspondence
The IP Newsletter from CAST, Inc. — October 2, 2020
We are all thankfully well and virus-free in CAST, and with our development partners have been working productively to bring you new and improved silicon IP despite today’s surreal world.

Judging by the continuing queries about CAST IP and ongoing interactions with customers, it seems most of the electronics industry is also managing to move forward in a similar vein. 

I hope that you and your firm (and your family) are also doing well and that you find our latest IP described below helpful.
--  Nikos, Zervas, CEO, [email protected]

New CAN XL Option for CAN Bus Controller Core 

The evolving CCAST & Fraunhofer CAN XL IP Core Option announcement graphicAN XL standard extends the CAN protocol’s benefits to more demanding applications, filling the gap between CAN FD and Ethernet. It provides “extra-large” payload sizes and data rates but preserves interoperability with CAN 2.0 and CAN FD. 

Early adopters can now get a head start and even begin advanced product development with the new CAN XL option to our proven CAN-CTRL CAN 2.0, CAN FD, and CAN XL Bus Controller.

This option supports the latest CAN XL data link layer and physical signaling specification. It includes all the expected functions and features plus any upgrades needed to match the spec once ratified. Demonstrations, evaluation versions, and attractive pricing are available now through CAST Sales. 

If you’re looking to develop next-generation automotive systems, we are ready to help. See: CAST and Fraunhofer IPMS Introduce CAN XL Bus Controller IP Core.

DO-254 Compliance for HDLS/SDLC Core
in Airborne Systems

The latest, safety-enhanced variant of our HSDLC HDLC & SDLC Protocol Controller makes it easier for avionics system developers to comply with DO-254 safety assurance processes.

We developed it following DO-254 best practices, and we deliver it with a Certification Data Package (CDP) for the most stringent Design Assurance Level, DAL-A.

We believe this is the first such DO-254 HSDLC core available. Read more: CAST HDLC/SDLC IP Core Now Ready for DO-254 Compliance in Airborne Systems.
Our HDLC and SDLC IP has been in production use by nearly 50 customers over the past dozen years. Now with greater fault-tolerance and the complete DO-254 DAL-A CDP, this core is an easy choice for avionics developers needing to use these communications protocols in a wide variety of safety-critical flight systems.
— Nick Sgoupis,
     CAST Engineering Manager


Continuing Improvements for TSN Endpoint Controller Cores

Our competitive suite of Time-Sensitive Networking IP cores recently improved with new features added to the switched and regular endpoint controllers.
  • CAST TSN Endpoint IP Cores graphicFrame Preemption improves real-time operation by allowing frames of high priority (like obstacle detection) to interrupt those of lower priority (like low washer fluid). 
  • A new Linux Driver and support package help simplify integrating TSN Ethernet in a Linux environment.
See more details in the announcement: TSN Ethernet Controller Cores Gain Frame Preemption and Linux Driver.

H.264 IP Subsystem Solution in Video Analytics Solution

Logo for CASt IP core customer Megh ComputingMegh Computing needed IP for an advanced video analytics system that uses AI/deep learning to prevent retail inventory loss. They came to CAST seeking a low-latency video decoding IP subsystem that met the technical and the business challenges they were facing.

Our Video Over IP subsystem integrating an H.264 decoder with an RTP-to-H264 core satisfied their technical requirements, while a flexible licensing package met their current and future economic needs.
CAST H.264 Over IP Subsystem diagram
Read more, then contact us for help solving your own IP challenges:
Megh Computing Uses CAST H.264 IP Subsystem in Video Analytics Solution.

Tech Note: UDP/IP Cores and Ethernet Link Speeds

Our UDPIP core implements a UDP/IP hardware protocol stack for lean high-speed communication over an Ethernet link. The Ethernet link’s resulting speed depends on the specific implementation of the MAC layer, which is not part of the UDPIP core. 

While the UDPIP core doesn’t depend on or determine the Ethernet link speed, we do offer different versions targeting several rates—from 1G to 100G—with increasingly wide datapaths and varying clock frequency requirements.

Learn about this range of UDPIP cores and the clock speeds required to work with them in this Tech Note: CAST UDP/IP Cores and Ethernet Link Speed.

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