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CAST COREspondence
The IP Newsletter from CAST, Inc. — July 7, 2023

Somewhat unbelievably, we are in the middle of CAST’s thirtieth anniversary as a company. While it’s exciting for us — see below to stop by our DAC booth for a beer! — CAST's role as a pioneer in helping forge today’s IP market and our place as the oldest surviving independent IP company are much more significant for the customers we serve.

CAST celebrates 30 years an an independent provider of semiconductor IP coresWe jumped on providing pre-designed blocks of synthesizable RTL well before the term “IP cores” existed. Since then, we’ve learned that while function and specs are important, ease of use and especially reduced risk end up mattering more. 

Along the way, we’ve developed our own stringent quality assurance standards, and we subject each new product to rigorous audits to ensure these standards are satisfied. Today we simply do not release IP that doesn’t qualify. This means CAST customers don’t face the integration nightmares or unreliability issues that doomed many of our IP competitors.

We do also focus on function, of course, striving to develop innovative products and IP that stands out for its excellent features and technical superiority. 

We have been the first IP vendor offering cores for multiple protocols and standards, and most of our products are among the fastest, lowest-power, or most efficient in the market. This is possible through oCAST delivers great IP cores with its own engineering team plus domain expert partnersur growing CAST engineering team and our unique partnerships with domain experts Beyond Semiconductor, Fraunhofer IPMS and HHI, IObundle, Ocean Logic, Sandgate Technologies, and Silesia Devices. 

Whether you've been with us on this long ride or are relatively new to CAST, we thank you for your interest and support, and we look forward to serving your IP needs for many more years to come. And don’t forget to stop by for a beer if you’re in San Francisco!
--  Nikos, Zervas, CEO, [email protected], +1 201.391.830

Protect Ethernet Networks with MACsec

New MACsec IP cores from CAST makes it easier to protect Ethernet networks

Customers using our networking cores — the Low-Latency eMAC, TSN switch and endpoint, and UDP/TCP-IP stacks — often need encrypted security for their network traffic. Now this is relatively easy to achieve with our new series of hardware engines for the MACsec Ethernet security protocol.

This first MAC-SEC-1G core is optimized for 10/100/1000 Mbps networks, works with ours or any standard Ethernet cores, and is already shipping for ASICs or FPGAs. Read more in the recent MAC-SEC-1G press release.

Losslessly Compress Images with a New PNG Encoder

New PNG Encoder from CAST for lossless image compressionSince we launched a PNG decoder last year, customers have been asking us about a similar PNG encoder. Now we’re pleased to announce that the PNG-E Lossless Compression Encoder Core is shipping for ASICs and FPGAs.

One of the few PNG encoder cores available, we believe it’s the only one that supports 8- and 16-bit greyscale and 24- and 48-bit TrueColor RGB, with or without alpha transparency. Read more in the press release, or check out the specs in the product brief

HiPEAC Magazine Tackles Lossless Image Compression

CAST's Dimitris Bozikas evaluates lossless image codecs in HiPEAC magazineSpeaking of PNG and lossless image compression, be sure to check out our recent article on this topic in the July issue of the HiPEAC Info magazine.

Our Dimitris Bozikas did a thorough comparison of lossless image codecs and summarizes the results in this short piece. Download the July 2023 issue.

Customers Speak

Of our thousands of customers, few want to divulge the competitive advantage that IP from CAST gives them. But occasionally some let us tell their story. We recently had two such press releases you might find interesting.

SDIC uses CAST's 8051 microcontroller IP coresSDIC’s success proves that 8051s still play a useful role in today's SoCs, and in SDIC Licenses 8051 Microcontroller IP Cores from CAST their General Manager, Shanghai Branch, Li Jian says:
“The mature, flexible 8051 IPs from CAST with their unique one-wire debugging feature allow us to add features and capabilities while reducing costs, plus CAST’s quick and effective technical support helps keep our projects on schedule despite demanding client delivery deadlines.”

APLabs licenses CAN, SENTm and other IP cores from CASTRepeat customer APLabs has recently chosen our CAN, SENT, eMAC, and I2S-TDM cores for an SoC they are developing for a major Korean automaker. In APLabs Chooses CAST IP Cores for Next-Generation Automotive SoC, CEO Ryan Lee says:
“CAST has been an excellent partner, helping us complete diverse client projects on time and on budget with IP cores that are functionally-superior and reliable plus quick, effective technical support from pre-purchase through tape-out. Using this latest set of cores from CAST for our new automotive platform gives us great confidence in finishing the project to the complete satisfaction of our demanding client.”

If you’d like to have similar positive feelings about the IP cores you license, just let us know. And if you want to get some promotion for your firm and its use of CAST IP, just let us know that and we’ll do the rest.

Join us at DAC!

Our team is excited to once again participate in the Design Automation Conference and to see industry friends, partners, and customers. We’ll be talking about our newest IP cores and especially highlighting three popular IP families:
  • Our RISC-V Embedded Processors Family features two ultra-low-power 32-bit processors plus an award-winning, ASIL D ready, Functional Safety Processor;
  • the Functional Safety Family includes the FuSa processor and also ISO26262 and DO254 compliant CAN, LIN, eMAC, and HDLC/SDLC cores; and
  • our Networking Solutions include the FuSa and other eMACs, lean UDP/IP and TCP/IP stacks, and the new MACsec engine.
CAST is exhibiting IP cores at the 60th DACStop by our DAC booth (1506) Monday afternoon after 3:00 pm and share a 30th Anniversary beer and snacks and your own stories of life in the semiconductor world. 

Upcoming Events

60th DAC
July 10 – July 12, 2023
Moscone West Center, San Francisco
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See CAST IP cores at SEMISRAEL 2023
SemIsrael Expo 2023
October 24, 2023
Airport City, Israel


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