Functional Safety (FuSa) IP Cores

CAST offers IP cores that address the most stringent Functional Safety requirements and are suitable for implementation in either ASIC or FPGA devices. Several IP Cores compliant with ISO26262 and DO254 are readily available, and services are offered for the development of safety-enhanced versions and/or certification of any CAST core.


The IP Cores that have a readily available safety-enhanced version, are as follows:

  • EMSA5-FS: 32-bit RISC-V embedded processor, optionally delivered with a peripheral platform and a sample safety manager
  • CAN-CTRL: CAN Controller Core, supporting  CAN 2.0, CAN-FD, TTCAN, and CAN XL.
  • LIN: LIN Bus Master/Slave Controller Core, compatible with LIN specification 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2A, and backward compatible with LIN specification 1.3
  • EMAC-1G: Ethernet MAC core with embedded scatter-gather DMA suitable for automotive ethernet, including single-pair 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 standards
  • LLEMAC-1G: Low-Latency Ethernet MAC core suitable for automotive ethernet, including the 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 standards
  • HSDLC: Highly flexible HDLC & SDLC protocol controller

The safety-enhanced versions of the EMSA5-FS, CAN-CTRL, LIN, and LLEMAC-1G cores are certified as being ISO26262 ASIL-D Ready by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH. These core employ fault tolerance design techniques, such as redundancy, ECC SRAM protection, etc, and their deliverables include a& Safety Manual (SAM), a Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA). 

The safety-enhanced version of CAST's HSDLC Core implements self-correcting triple-modular redundancy which results in full immunity to single-bit upsets and errors and makes the core compliant with the requirements of Design Assurance, Level A (DAL-A) of the DO-254 standard. 

Safety-enhanced versions of the TSN Endpoint, Switched Endpoint, and Switch can be made available on request. 

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