CAST TSN Updates: Switch Core Gains More Ports, Webinar Explores Latency

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Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) over Ethernet has rapidly become the new standard in designing safety-critical or timing-sensitive networks.

Whether as a backbone for automotive systems, interconnecting industrial sensors and devices, or even within complex medical equipment, TSN provides the deterministic, low-latency communication required for safe, error-free operation.

Working with our partner Fraunhofer IPMS, we’ve been one of the first to market with multiple TSN cores. Our TSN family now includes:

Example TSN Networks

We’ve recently been making it even easier for CAST customers to design effective TSN networks by adding additional ports to the Switch, and sharing expert information on low-latency design.


Now More Ports on Our TSN Switch

The TSN Switch is especially important as it enables the star topology typically employed to literally reach out and connect more endpoint nodes or devices. Responding to customers who are designing increasingly complex TSN networks, we’ve recently expanded the number of ports possible on our popular TSN switch IP core. 

The original four-port capability is still the default, but now you can configure the switch to provide as many external TSN ports (and one internal port) as your technology and target speed can handle.

Each external port is full-duplex, and can operate at 10, 100, or1000 Mbps Ethernet speeds (speeds of 2.5 or 10+ Gbps are available on request).

Learn more about the technical features and advantages of the revised TSN Switch IP core on its product page, TSN-SW TSN Ethernet Switch.


Webinar: Reducing TSN Latency

Our recent live webinar featured Fraunhofer IPMS’ Marcus Pietzsch diving deep into the causes of latency in a TSN network and providing practical tips for reducing unwanted timing delays. 

The webinar’s attendance — and the insightful discussion in the post-webinar Q&A session — has led us to post a video of the event for everyone’s benefit.

Watch the full video and in under an hour you’ll be on the way to becoming a low latency TSN design guru:

Ultra-Low TSN Networks:
Latency Sources and Optimization

Or if you prefer watch one or more sections individually:

Let us know what you think — or if you need TSN IP for your next project — by emailing [email protected] or using the Request Info button on this page.

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