Delivering the CAST IP Experience: the Bigstream Story

CAST has followed a purely customer-centric model since our establishment in 1993. We base this approach on excellent IP products backed by exceptional support, with the aim to provide a better overall IP experience for CAST customers. 

The Bigstream story is one of many examples of our customer commitment in action.

Bigstream Solutions, Inc. makes it easy for users to run existing big data analysis applications like Apache Spark™ ten times faster than with a traditional CPU alone. Their Hyperacceleration middleware layer combines compiler optimizations and programmable FPGA or SSD hardware to achieve this acceleration without requiring detailed hardware design knowledge or any changes to the analysis application. 

Bigstream challenged CAST to deliver an advanced IP core that could enhance these hardware accelerators while reducing their team’s product development cycle and fitting within stringent pricing and business constraints. (The specifics of the core are confidential for competitive reasons.)

Our experience with a broad product line and relationships with several hundreds of customers enabled us to work closely with Bigstream’s engineers on a pre-sale level, jointly identifying the best technical and business package for Bigstream’s needs. After thorough analysis, Bigstream selected CAST for its IP features, strong field expertise, solid reputation, dedicated support, and flexible licensing.

In the words of Bigstream’s CEO, Brad Kashani:

“CAST is very responsive to our needs and collaborated with us to come up with the best technical solution. They offer a unique IP core that is highly sophisticated and not only gives us a technology edge but speeds our time-to-market. Their technical support is excellent.  This is truly a win-win relationship.”

We appreciate the opportunity to win such an endorsement. CAST will continue to satisfy every  customer in a similar way and deliver what we call a unique “CAST IP experience.

To learn more about Bigstream, visit To discuss getting a better IP experience of your own, contact us: [email protected].

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