Seminar: System Design with 32-bit BA22 Processor IP

Cast BA22 32 Bit seminar

Last week we held a successful 32-bit system design seminar over breakfast adjacent to DesignCon. 

Using a mix of slides, live demos, and open Q&A, we described the benefits of using our 32-bit BA22 processor core and the complete development systems available for it. The response from attendees was extremely positive, with many staying after to talk more or see the demos close up.

You can view the seminar slides below, or click through to SlideShare. (We've since updated the stats to reflect performance improvements since the Seminar.) 

We're likely to run more such events in the future. If you'd be interested in attending a live seminar or online webinar, please  send us an email describing what you'd like to see.



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High-performance, low-power, 32-bit MPUs and ecosystem. Covers deeply-embedded through full application systems, all with royalty-free licensing and delivering great code density .