Digital IP Cores
and Subsystems

Our family of microcontroller and microprocessor related cores includes capable and competitive 32-bit BA22s and the best-available set of proven 8051s.

32-bit Processors
BA2x Family Overview

Secure Processors
Geon - Protected Execution

Application Processors
BA25 Adv. App. Processor
BA22 Basic App. Processor

Cache-Enabled Embedded
BA22 Cache-Embedded

Embedded Processors
BA22 Deeply Embedded
BA21 Low Power
BA20 PipelineZero

Processor-Based AMBA® Subsystems
Family Overview
AHB Low-Power
AHB Performance/Low-Power
AXI Custom Performance

AMBA Bus Infrastructure Cores
See Peripherals Cores >

Efficiently compress media or data with these high-performance hardware codecs.
• See the video and image compression Family Page

JPEG Still & Motion

Easily integrate memories, peripherals, and hardware networking stacks into SoCs.

Display Controllers

Device Controllers
smart card reader

NOR Flash Controllers
Parallel Flash for AHB
SPI Flash
Octal, XIP for AHB
Quad, XIP for AHB
Quad, XIP for AXI

Legacy Peripherals
DMA Controllers
8237, 82380
16450S, 16550S, 16750S

Quickly complete the standard parts of your SoC with these memory and peripheral controllers, interfaces, and interconnect cores.

Ethernet MAC
• 1G eMAC Controller

Network Stacks
1G/10G UDP/IP stack
• Hardware RTP Stack
  – for H.264
  – for JPEG
• MPEG Transport Stream

Octal SPI
Quad SPI
Single SPI
SPI to AHB-Lite

Data Link Controllers
16450S, 16550S, 16750S

PCI Express
Family Overview
x1/x4, x8
application interface

PCI — Target
32-bit, 32-bit multi, 64-bit
PCI — Master
32-bit, 32-bit multi, 64-bit
PCI — Host Bridge
32 bit, 32 bit - AHB
32 bit & device - AHB

These encryption cores make it easy to build security into a variety of systems.

AES, programmable
Key Expander

DES single
DES triple

Hash Functions
SHA-3 (Keccak)

Customer Support

We are committed to giving you the most responsive, most effective support you'll find in the IP industry. Please see our statements of Warranty and Support below.

If you have questions or need product support, please contact us directly:

Phone: +1 201.391.8300 option 2
Fax: +1 201.624.7795

Warranty and Support

CAST believes that superb support is one of the key reasons customers choose an IP supplier. Therefore, we strive to be the best in the industry in all aspects of pre and post sale support. We make every effort to respond to any request within 24 hours with a useful answer to our customer's questions. We answer questions on our cores, how to use them with various tools, and, as much as possible, how to deal with specific application issues that are not directly core related. It is our goal to help our customers succeed with their projects.


CAST provides a 90-day warranty against defects in the core. A defect is any deviation in behavior from our published specifications. We will fix any bug that is found provided that the customer can deliver to us a test case that allows us to reproduce the failure at our facilities.


New customers: A new customer will always receive the latest available revision of the ordered core unless they are ordering a special version that needs to be prepared. In the case of a special version, that version will be shipped as soon as it is ready. Should CAST find a problem in the core within the first week, that revised core will be shipped to the customer automatically.

Phone and e-mail support will be available for new customers for any question they may have. Should the question revolve around a piece of software such as a development tool not supported by CAST, CAST will make every reasonable effort to acquire and learn the software. However if this proves too expensive or time consuming (in CAST’s opinion) the software will either not be supported or the customer will be charged for the extra work. Every reasonable effort will be made, however, to support the customer if at all possible.

Customers under support: CAST has two support programs. The first is included in the cost of the product and runs for 30 days. There is also an additional annual support contract that can be purchased. This contract starts after the first 30 days have expired. The 30-day period does not start until the first call has been received by CAST Support. At that time, the 30-day clock will start. The 30 days of included support will expire if not used within six months of the original purchase order. If the customer has an annual support program, the 30-day support starts immediately upon delivery and runs for 12 months.

Any updates made to a core will be made available to customers on active support. The release notes or other appropriate description will be sent to each customer with active support. Should the customer require the fixed core, it will be sent free of charge.

Customers out of support: Warranty issues will be handled as described above.

Support for problems not related to the core itself will be provided on a charge basis. To avoid ongoing per incident charges, CAST will allow the customer to purchase or renew a support agreement.

A customer who is not under a support agreement will not be informed of an update when it comes available. However, if a problem in a CAST core is discovered, CAST will fix this problem (or send an update if it is available).


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