Silicon Choices

Speed/Area Samples

We offer sample Implementation Results to give a feel for the physical results you'll achieve with a given core.

Look for buttons like these on a core's page. Each pops up an arrangeable window for easy comparison.

ASIC numbersMicrosemi numbersAltera numbers EASIC numbers Xilinx numbers

CAST IP is available for ASICs, Structured ASICs, or FPGAs.

You can get:

Our flexible licensing also allows you to use a netlist for FPGA prototpyping then move to RTL for ASIC producton.

Alliances with our semiconductor partners and the wide-ranging experiences of our customers mean you can count on silicon success with all the leading semiconductor manufacturers, including the companies shown.

AchronixAlteraAMI SemiconductorsAMSARCARMAtmelChartered SemiconductorsChipXeASICFujitsuGrace Semiconductor ManufacturingHitachiHoneywellIMBInfineumJazz SemiLatticeLSI LogicMIcrosemi (Microsemi)NECON SemiSamsungSilTerraSMICST MicroTenSilicaToshibaTower SemiTSMCUMCXilinx

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