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Our family of microcontroller and microprocessor related cores includes capable and competitive 32-bit BA22s and the best-available set of proven 8051s.

32-bit Processors
BA2x Family Overview

Secure Processors
Geon - Protected Execution

Application Processors
BA25 Adv. App. Processor
BA22 Basic App. Processor

Cache-Enabled Embedded
BA22 Cache-Embedded

Embedded Processors
BA22 Deeply Embedded
BA21 Low Power
BA20 PipelineZero

Processor-Based AMBA® Subsystems
Family Overview
AHB Low-Power
AHB Performance/Low-Power
AXI Custom Performance

AMBA Bus Infrastructure Cores
See Peripherals Cores >

Efficiently compress media or data with these high-performance hardware codecs. See the video and image compression Family Page for a media compression overview.

 H.264 Video Decoders
Low Latency Constrained
  Baseline Profile

Low-Power Constrained
  Baseline Profile

 H.265 HEVC Decoders
Main Profile

Companion Cores
Image Processing
CAMFE Camera Processor
Network Stacks
40G UDPIP Stack
1G/10G UDPIP Stack
• Hardware RTP Stack
  – for H.264
  – for JPEG
IEEE 802.1AS Time Sync.

IEEE 802.1Qav & 802.1Qbv

• MPEG Transport Stream

JPEG Still & Motion

Lossless & Near-Lossless

Lossless Data Compression
GZIP Compressor
GUNZIP Decompressor
GZIP Reference Designs
    • for Intel FPGAs
    • for Xiinx FPGAs

Easily integrate memories, peripherals, and hardware networking stacks into SoCs.

Display Controllers

Device Controllers
smart card reader

Flash Controllers
Parallel Flash
Parallel Flash for AHB
Universal Serial NOR/NAND
   Flash for AHB

Legacy Peripherals
DMA Controllers
8237, 82380
16450S, 16550S, 16750S

Quickly complete the standard parts of your SoC with these memory and peripheral controllers, interfaces, and interconnect cores.

Octal/Quad/Dual/Single SPI
Quad SPI
Single SPI
SPI to AHB-Lite

Master/Slave Controller
Master  • Slave

These encryption cores make it easy to build security into a variety of systems.

AES, programmable
Key Expander

DES single
DES triple

Hash Functions
SHA-3 (Keccak)

Complete IEEE 802.1AS hardware stack enabling rapid development of time-aware AVB/TSN nodes

IEEE 802.1AS Hardware Stack

  • Supports full-duplex, point-to-point links
  • Automatically synchronizes internal Real-Time Clock to Grandmaster’s time
    • Automatically calculates point-to-point latency
    • Has programmable eMAC and PHY ingress and egress latency
    • Allows high timer frequency to minimize quantization error
    • Supports RTC precision fine-tuning by the host (optional)
    • Real time clock in seconds (48 bit), nanoseconds (32 bit) and fractional nanoseconds (16 bit)
  • Supports time-aware end points – Not Grandmaster capable

Enables Time-Aware Application Development

  • Returns timestamps to the system using absolute time
    • Timestamp requested via software or lower latency hardware interface
    • Timestamps have 802.1AS accuracy (seconds and nanoseconds)
  • Programmable alarm to assert host interrupt at specified absolute time
  • Provides periodic event triggers
    • Events periods are independent from absolute time changes
    • Each event triggers a maskable host interrupt and/or toggles a dedicated hardware line, which the system can use as a clock

Eases Integration

  • AMBA/AXI4 or Avalon Interfaces
    • AX4-Lite host interfaces, and AXI4-Stream for packet data
    • Avalon-MM host interface and Avalon-St for packet-data
  • Independent clocks for internal timers and for each of the interfaces (rx data, tx data, host)
  • Clean clock-domain-crossing, LINT-clean and scan-ready design
  • Pre-integrated with Intel or Xilinx Ethernet MAC cores; services available for integrating with other 3rd part eMAC cores
  • Complete reference designs for Intel and Xilinx, including sample application software

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IEEE802_1ASIEEE 802.1AS Hardware Protocol Stack

The IEEE802_1AS is a complete IEEE 802.1AS hardware stack that enables the simple and rapid development of time-aware nodes for AVB/TSN networks such as automotive Ethernet. It operates fully autonomously and provides timing and synchronization according to IEEE 802.1AS for full-duplex, point-to-point Ethernet links.

IEEE802.1AS compliant AVB/TSN stack is part of the line of automitive IP cores from CAST, Inc.The core is designed to operate next to an Ethernet Media Access Control unit  (eMAC) and attached to that eMAC’s data-interface towards the host system. It automatically synchronizes its internal real-time clock (RTC) to that of the grandmaster by inserting and extracting IEEE 802.1AS frames in and from the Ethernet traffic. The core fully offloads the host processor from any IEEE 802.1AS related processing, and at the same time enables the development of time-aware applications: it provides timestamps, periodic event triggers, and alarms to the host system, using host processor Interrupt lines or dedicated-low latency interface signals.

The core uses standard AMBA® or Avalon® interfaces to ease integration. Its configuration and status registers are accessible via a 32-bit wide AXI4-Lite or Avalon-MM bus, and Ethernet frame packet data are input and output via AXI-Streaming or Avalon ST interfaces with 8-bit data buses. Furthermore, the core causes no constraints with respect to system clocking, as it assumes separate and independent clocks for each of its interfaces (i.e., host, tx data, and rx data), and separate and independent clocks for its RTC and internal timers. To further ease integration, the core is available pre-integrated with either Intel’s or Xilinx’s eMAC cores. Integration with other 3rd party eMAC cores is also possible using CAST”s design integration services. Complete reference designs on commercially available FPGA boards are also available, and can be used for on-field testing or as templates to speed-up application development.

The IEEE802_1AS core is designed with industry best practices. The design is CDC-clean, LINT-clean, and scan-ready. The core is available in synthesizable RTL (Verilog 2001) source code or as targeted FPGA netlists. Deliverables provide everything required for a successful implementation, including sample scripts, a testbench, and comprehensive documentation.

This core can be mapped to any any Intel, Lattice, MicroSemi, or Xilinx programmable device, or to any ASIC technology, provided sufficient silicon resources are available. Please contact CAST Sales to get accurate characterization data for your specific implementation requirements. Meanwhile, we provide the following representative results (each in a new pop-up window):

Altera numbersXilinx numbers


The IEEE802_1AS protocol stack is suitable for implementing time-aware network nodes for applications requiring very low transmission latency and high availability, such as audio/video streaming and real-time control in automotive or industrial environments.

Block Diagram

IEEE802_1AS block diagram


The core as delivered is warranted against defects for ninety days from purchase. Thirty days of phone and email technical support are included, starting with the first interaction. Additional maintenance and support options are available.


The core has been rigorously verified, hardware-validated and tested in real-life environments.


The core includes everything required for successful implementation:

The Intel release also includes a QSYS project using a NIOS-based microcontroller system, and an Intel Eclipse project for a sample software application.

The Xilinx release includes a Vivado synthesis project using  a Microblaze-based microcontroller system and an Eclipse project using the Xilinx EDK for a sample software application.



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