Digital IP Cores
and Subsystems

Our family of microcontroller and microprocessor related cores includes capable and competitive 32-bit BA22s and the best-available set of proven 8051s.

32-bit Processors
BA2x Family Overview

Secure Processors
Geon - Secure Execution

Application Processors
BA25 Adv. App. Processor
BA22 Basic App. Processor

Cache-Enabled Embedded
BA22 Cache-Embedded

Embedded Processors
BA22 Deeply Embedded
BA21 Low Power
BA20 PipelineZero

Processor-Based AMBA® Subsystems
Family Overview
AHB Low-Power
AHB Performance/Low-Power
AXI Custom Performance

AMBA Bus Infrastructure Cores
See Peripherals Cores >

Efficiently compress media or data with these high-performance hardware codecs. See the video and image compression Family Page for a media compression overview.

 H.264 Video Decoders
Low Latency Constrained
  Baseline Profile

Low-Power Constrained
  Baseline Profile

 H.265 HEVC Decoders
Main Profile

Companion Cores
Image Processing
CAMFE Camera Processor
Network Stacks
40G UDPIP Stack
1G/10G UDPIP Stack
• Hardware RTP Stack
  – for H.264 Encoders
  – for H.264 Decoders
  – for JPEG Encoders
IEEE 802.1Qav & 802.1Qbv

• MPEG Transport Stream

JPEG Still & Motion

Lossless & Near-Lossless

Lossless Data Compression
GZIP Compressor
GUNZIP Decompressor
GZIP Reference Designs
    • for Intel FPGAs
    • for Xiinx FPGAs

Easily integrate memories, peripherals, and hardware networking stacks into SoCs.

Display Controllers

Device Controllers
smart card reader

Flash Controllers
Parallel Flash
Parallel Flash for AHB
Universal Serial NOR/NAND
   Flash for AHB

Quickly complete the standard parts of your SoC with these memory and peripheral controllers, interfaces, and interconnect cores.

Octal/Quad/Dual/Single SPI
Quad SPI
Single SPI
SPI to AHB-Lite

Master/Slave Controller
Master  • Slave

These encryption cores make it easy to build security into a variety of systems.

GEON SoC Security
GEON Security

Encryption Primitives
AES, Programmable
Key Expander
Single, Triple

Hash Functions
SHA-3 (Keccak)

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Selected Papers and Articles

CAST: feeling the DesignCon vibe
EDA Cafe by Peggy Aycinena — January 30th, 2013
DesignCon’s unfolding in Silicon Valley all week. Among the many companies exhibiting there, IP provider CAST and its IP core development partner Beyond Semiconductor are enjoying a particularly excellent experience. When I stopped in at CAST’s booth on the DesignCon floor for a brief chat with company CEO Hal Barbour this afternoon, he told me his company’s revenue numbers for January 2013 alone are set to outpace CAST’s total first-quarter revenues from 2010, 2011, or 2012 ... read on ...

DesignCon 2013 Yields IP, RF, DoE, and Mind Surprises
IP Insider by John Blyler, — 2/1/2013
CAST, one such semiconductor IP provider, announced and demo’d a 32-bit embedded- systems processor IP that is carried by its partner, Beyond Semiconductor. Here’s the interesting bit: CAST’s BA2 family is royalty-free. According to the company, the product is competitive performance-wise and its instruction set (ISA) can beat Thumb2 in code density. (Smaller code means less memory and better system-wide power savings.) ... read on ...

CAST announces royalty-free BA22 32-bit RISC IP
EDN Network by Ron Wilson, — 8/3/2011
The BA22 family, according to Nikos Zervas, Cast’s vice president of marketing, is what you’d get if you started out with a clean sheet of paper, without constraints from a decadesold instruction-set architecture and with the latest thinking in compact, low-power design ... read on ...

Synplicity launches ReadyIP program; The industry's first universal, secure IP flow for FPGA implementation
Programmable Logic DesignLine — April 16, 2008
Do you remember a couple of years ago when Synplicity proposed a mega-cool Open IP Encryption Flow?. At that time, I thought the proposal was incredibly clever, and I couldn't wait to see it implemented. Well, wait I did, but now it's here ... read on ...

The business of IP: it ain't a bake sale
EDA — September 3, 2009
...For Barbour there is no ambiguity, IP is a product business: "There are a lot of companies who present themselves as IP companies, but they're really doing design services. There's a world of difference there."CAST is a true IP company, with most of our cores built around standards...

Synplicity launches ReadyIP program; The industry's first universal, secure IP flow for FPGA implementation
Programmable Logic DesignLine — April 16, 2008
Do you remember a couple of years ago when Synplicity proposed a mega-cool Open IP Encryption Flow?. At that time, I thought the proposal was incredibly clever, and I couldn't wait to see it implemented. Well, wait I did, but now it's here ... read on ...

Synplicity introduces secure IP flow for FPGAs, signs ARM, Tensilica as partners
EDN — April 15, 2008
At the Embedded Systems Conference today, Synplicity has introduced what it calls the industry's first complete, encrypted design methodology for FPGA implementation. The ReadyIP program, according to the company, allows designers to easily assess and incorporate IP from third-party vendors into their designs using Synplicity's synthesis tools, Synplify Pro or Synplify Premier ...

Synplicity Gets Spirit
FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal — April 15, 2008
While the word “ecosystem” is happily bantered about by major FPGA vendors, history would indicate that FPGA companies are less than perfect participants in the care and feeding of “ecosystems” to support their products.  The turmoil associated ...

Simulation Demonstrates PCIe Core IP's Capabilities
Electronic Design — July 23, 2007
Intellectual property (IP) provider CAST Inc. has created a free, downloadable simulation model of its PCI Express (PCIe) IP core. The PCIe Core Backend Model (CBM) Demo of the CAST CPXP-EP PCI Express endpoint controller enables designers to simulate a system with the core at the transaction-layer level. ...

Cultivating a Company in Cyberspace
Kauffman eVenturing — March 1, 2007
When I started Lineage and four friends of mine simultaneously started Computer Aided Software Technologies, now merged as CAST, we worked for zero salary the first year—and the second year wasn't . ...

CAST debuts new DDR and DDR2 IP core
Electronic News — January 31, 2007
Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST Inc. at this week's DesignCon 2007 announced a new IP core that it claims implements a controller for all industry-standard DDR and DDR2 memory devices. ...

Digging out the gold
IET — August 2006
Hal Barbour, president and CEO of Cast, said his company has taken a different approach to providing hardware IP. Rather than looking for large companies with spare IP, Cast concentrates on small suppliers. “Around 30-40% are our own developments, but, increasingly, cores are coming from our partners. Every single core is supported by the original developer. That provides extremely fast technical support.” ...

32-bit processor IP offers lower-cost lower-power alternative
Electronic Products — August 2006
Device targets designs needing more horsepower than an 8-bit 8051 core — The APS2 and APS3 processor IP cores use a RISC architecture in a full 32-bit design ...

Will Blog for Food — Coffee with CAST in Santa Clara
EDA Weekly — May 15, 2006
You gotta give it to Hal Barbour, president at CAST, for enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Have you ever seen a guy so excited about life, technology, or IP? I only had 45 minutes for coffee with Hal at the Double Tree Hotel this afternoon, along with the executives from Cortus, SA, who together are announcing a new line of 32-bit microprocessor cores they're calling the APS family of cores, which stands for Advanced Processing Solution.

Processor cores target embedded designs — May 16, 2006
Woodcliff Lake, NJ —CAST, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of a new line of 32-bit microprocessor cores for the embedded systems market. The first two processors in Advanced Processing Solution (APS) family of cores, the APS2 and APS3, were developed by CAST's partner Cortus, SA, in France.

CAST Targets Small, Fast Systems with Low-Power, 32-bit Cores
Electronic News — May 16, 2006
Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST Inc. today announced the immediate availability of a new line of 32Bit microprocessor cores for the embedded systems market.

Processor cores target embedded designs 
EETimes — May 2006
CAST, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of a new line of 32-bit microprocessor cores for the embedded systems market. The first two processors in Advanced Processing Solution (APS) family of cores, the APS2 and APS3, were developed by CAST's partner Cortus, SA, in France...

CAST claims 32-bit processor uses just 7k gates — May 15, 2006
Intellectual property (IP) provider CAST is offering a range of 32-bit microprocessor cores developed by French design partner Cortus, SA...

Panel: EDA and IP vendors subservient to consumer
EE Times — May 12, 2006
CHELMSFORD, Mass. — If EDA vendors want to participate in the consumer electronics market they will need to step up their efforts to provide system-level design tools, according to an EDA Consortium panel ...

Avoiding unexpected challenges in PCI Express core integration
Embedded Computing DesignApril, 2006
As a fast, versatile, and popular interface, PCI Express (PCIe) is a natural candidate for development as an IP core for easy reuse. However, more than conformance to the PCIe specification is required to make such a core a success for designers hoping to minimize how much PCIe technical detail they need to understand. With this in mind, Tony and Nick evaluate three approaches to PCI core integration.

Evatronix SA successfully completes High-Speed USB On-The-Go compliance testing procedure for its USB OTG controller core  
D & R Headline News — January 25, 2006
The silicon Intellectual Property (IP) provider, Evatronix S.A., announced today successful accomplishment of the certification procedure for compliance of its USBHS-OTG-SD-S controller core to the Universal Serial Bus 2.0 specification and its On-the-Go supplement. The compliance testing ...Evatronix IP cores are available world wide through the distribution network of its strategic partner CAST, Inc. (

IP Key to FPGA Market 
Chip Design Magazine — January, 2006
What will be the hot FPGA, S-ASIC and embedded DSP/processor trends for 2006 that both chip- and board-level developers should know? Judging from conversations with semiconductor and EDA companies who attended the recent Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, the answer is "intellectual property."

Is Bigger Better? What Does the Future Hold for Small IP Providers?
Chip Design Magazine — June/July, 2005
Currently, reuse is becoming increasingly important in silicon design. At the same time, large EDA companies are emerging in the IP market. With these trends...

Creo Uses CAST IP Cores in Advanced Leaf Aptus Digital Camera  
The Free Library
— June 13, 2005
Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. today revealed that the Leaf® Aptus digital camera backs announced last month by Creo Inc. employ CAST IP cores for image compression and decompression.

Tezzaron Chooses CAST IP Core for First Ever Stacked 3D IC Processor 
PR Newswire
— May 19, 2005
Manufacturing fast, efficient 8051 core with patented vertical connection and wafer stacking technology produces processor with ...

A Modest Approach to the IP Businesss that's Succeeded for Over Ten Years  
DATE 2005, Bill Finch
Download this PDF presentation on CAST's successful approach to the IP business.

Actel Announces Immediate Availability of 90 IP Cores for New ProASIC3 and ProASIC3E FPGA Families 
SOC central
— January 24, 2005
Actel Corp. has announced the availability of 90 intellectual property (IP) cores to support its new ProASIC3 and ProASIC3/E device families introduced today.

FPGA Designers Benefit from CAST's Low-Volume IP Pricing Program    
Embedded Star
— February 20, 2004
Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. announced a European program aimed at making it easier for FPGA designers to benefit from the high-quality IP cores typically used for ASIC designs. The new program, FPGAenable, introduces special pricing for the low-volume production runs typically associated with FPGA-based products – a dominant sector in the European electronics market. Pricing for these low-volume licenses varies by core, but the result is the ability to design-in IP cores at a cost of just few Euros per manufactured unit. ...

CAST Targets High-Bandwidth Digital Connections with 1394a IP Core    
Embedded Star
— February 20, 2004
Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. announced a new 1394a core that implements a link layer controller for the high-speed digital bus known commercially as FireWireTM and i.LinkTM.

The IEEE 1394a standard was developed for use with digital video and other demanding applications arising from the convergence of computers and consumer products. It defines a high-bandwidth serial interface with real-time data transmission rates of 100, 200, and 400 Mb/sec. It ...

CAST Introduces HC05 and HC11 Compatible Cores    
Embedded News Digest — June, 2003
Intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. announced two new cores that are 100% software compatible with the popular M68HC05 and M68HC11 microcontroller families from Motorola. According to CAST, these cores provide better performance and features than the originals and have been silicon-proven in several ASIC ...

CAST Releases MPEG-4 and JPEG 2000 IP Cores    
EMedia — Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. has announced the addition of new MPEG-4 video encoding and JPEG 2000 image decoding cores to its line of general purpose IP for electronic design.The CAST MPEG-4 core is small and fast -- capable of handling real-time encoding of full-screen video in under 50,000 ASIC gates -- and supports a range of applications from high-quality video conferencing to remote streaming of DVD-quality movies...

System-on-Chip and ASIC Design Conference Reference Design Paper -- A New Reference Design Development Environment for JPEG 2000 Applications    
DesignCon Presentation
— January 2003
The newest revisions to standards for video processing, like JPEG and MPEG are becoming available and are expected to create new applications and markets. Hardware implementations of these standards will be available first in the form of IP Cores for FPGAs. A reference design based on a Xilinx FPGA development board from Avnet Design Services and IP Cores from CAST have been combined to create a reference design for the newest versions of the JPEG and MPEG standards. The paper will describe the features and functionality of the design as well as the size, performance and cost of the final circuit board implementation. This Reference Design will be demonstrated in the Reference Design Village... Download Presentation

Motion-processing cores cast for real-time systems    
EETimes — October 14, 2002
Semiconductor intellectual-property (IP) provider Cast Inc. says that a series of motion-processing cores for high-performance video compression and decompression will make it possible to develop real-time video systems such as digital video recorders, wireless communication devices, sophisticated surveillance systems and other products using the MPEG-2 and newer MPEG-4 standards.

First out of the chute in the planned series is the MoPro core, created by Cast partner Ocean Logic Pty Ltd. in Australia ...

CAST 80186-compatible processor core is six times faster     
EETimes Asia
— March 7, 2002
Claimed to be six times faster than Intel's 80C186 processor, the C80186TX microprocessor core is suitable for use in embedded controller applications and provides a cost-effective alternative for replacing older parts that are no longer manufactured ...

Xilinx Does Away With IP Lawyers     
Electronic News — September 10, 2001
Xilinx Inc. of San Jose wants to make life easier for intellectual property (IP) core makers.The FPGA vendor today will unveil its SignOnce IP license program designed to eliminate the legal aspects of signing and using IP cores .... (CAST is a charter participant.)

Design Entry, IP Highlight DATE    
Electronic News
— March 26, 2001
Munich, Germany-If the current growth trend continues, in a few years DATE-the yearly Design, Automation and Test in Europe forum-will be as big as the Design Automation Conference (DAC). At least, that's what the organizers of this year's ... Woodcliff Lake, N.J.-based CAST Inc. and its development partner Evatronix SA of Bielsko-Biala, Poland, announced the release of two new synthesizable cores: the C32025 DSP core, compatible with the Texas Instruments Inc.'s TMS320C25, and the CZ80CPU processor core, compatible with the Zilog Z80.

CAST and FS2 Partner to Provide SOC Debug Capabilities — January 30, 2001
DesignCon - CAST, Inc. and First Silicon Solutions, Inc. (FS2) today announced a joint effort to make embedded processor cores easier to debug ...

Altera optimizes Quartus II software; Cast delivers UART — June 11, 2001
Altera Corp. (San Jose, Calif.) says its incremental-design methodology will make it easier for programmable-logic designers to accelerate methodologies involving team-based designs, integration of cores and performance optimization for any hierarchical ...

Cores arrive in a dozen    
EDN — January 18, 2001
Xilinx's IP Center is offering 12 new cores for its Virtex and Spartan series FPGAs that target a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from modems and channel coding, to video and PowerPC-based designs. ... Cast (, is providing two types of 8051 microcontrollers, plus the 8254 programmable interval timer/counter and an 8250 UART core ...

MPU peripheral cores roll      
Electronic Engineering Times — January 08, 2001
Cast Inc. (Woodcliff Lake, N.J.) has added four cores designed for use in systems with 8051 and other popular microprocessors to its lineup of MPU peripheral cores ...

CAST Rolls Four Cores     
Electronic News
— December 12, 2000
CAST Inc. of Woodcliff Lake, N.J., today has taken the wraps off four additions to its family of intellectual property cores targeted at electronic design ...

Date yields testimonials and processor cores     
— April 10, 2000
Several companies test-driving standards crafted by the Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA) reported success with their projects at the Date 2000 conference in Paris. ... Elsewhere at Date 2000, Cast Inc. (Pomona, N.Y.) announced the availability of two new cores, the C68000 microprocessor and the PIC 165X RISC microcontroller, both developed by partner Evatronix in Gliwice, Poland ...

Virtual company reshapes corporate reality    
Electronic Engineering Times
— July 15, 1999
... While retailers and other businesses try to figure out how to use the Web to augment their real-world facilities, a spate of startups is making the Net the essence of their operations ...

Cast spins three soft cores    
Electronic Engineering Times
— July 6, 1998
Core provider Cast Inc. has unveiled three new VHDL soft cores: the Soft Decision Viterbi, the C49402 synthesizable VHDL core and the C6845 CRT controller ....

New ASIC and DSP cores     
Integrated System Design — June 1997
CAST has added several synthesizable cores to its ASIC Cores Series and released a new family of synthesizable cores ...



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